Kuşadası - Samos Tours

Samos Island, located directly across from Kuşadası, awaits you with its pristine bays and noteworthy historical structures. Samos is one of the largest Greek islands, showcasing examples of Greek architecture with its white-washed, blue-windowed houses. The island is also home to the town where the famous mathematician Pythagoras once lived. The church situated above the town, combined with its unique sea view, captivates those who see it as if by magic.

We recommend indulging in a feast of seafood and Ouzo (Uzo) on the island. You can enjoy Greek cuisine that rivals Turkish cuisine with its mezes, sea bream, grilled sardines, fried zucchini, Tzaziki, similar to cacık, Greek salad resembling shepherd's salad, honey yogurt, and "kaimak," which is their version of creamy ice cream.