The security of your personal information is one of the most important issues for us. No information received from members on Feribot.net is shared with other institutions or organizations. Feribot.net respects the personal privacy rights of its customers and visitors.

In some special cases, you may be asked to confirm your order verbally or in writing from the bank or our company. In this case, your bank or our company will call you using your registered information and ask for confirmation about your order. In order for your bank and our company to reach you, please make sure that the personal information registered in your bank and provided when registering to our site is up-to-date and accurate. Important Reminder: If you cannot be reached on your phone number during the security check, your order may be cancelled. Please make sure that the phone number you entered when booking is correct. All information regarding your reservation will be provided via your registered phone number and e-mail address.

Security of your credit card information

Feribot.net has been structured using the latest technologies to provide you with 24-hour uninterrupted service. At no time and under no circumstances can Feribot.net store or record the credit card information of its customers. No Feribot.net employee can access the credit card information of its customers.

For this purpose, the globally accepted Trustwave SecureTrust SSL security certificate is used for your credit card security during order transactions. Your credit card information is encrypted before being sent and is sent this way. During the transfer, your information is transmitted in the most secure way. Your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) will recognize this certificate and inform you that the pages you enter are safe; In the address line, it will show addresses starting with https:// (secure pages), which means secure page. You will see the LOCK icon on your browser, indicating the security status.

Our security system is compatible with all current browsers.

You can shop safely from our site and we wish you a pleasant journey.