A) Tariffs only include sea transportation on the selected route. Food and beverages are not included. Whether port taxes are included or not will be clearly stated at the booking stage for each route.
B) “Round-trip ticket” is used for round-trip trips made on the same day or on different days. The return trip must be timed.
C) Round-trip discounted ticket application for Greece domestic flights and Greece-Italy flights is only valid for roundtrip and return trips booked at the same time, on the same line and operated by the same company.
D) If the passenger wants to book a round trip ticket from a different company, he/she must make two separate one-way reservations.
E) Infants travel free on most voyages or pay only port duty; It must be specified at the reservation stage and the information must be included in the reservation document.
F) Payments are accepted only by credit card (Visa or Master) and on-line.
G) If the period between the date of reservation and the date of international travel is less than 14 days, the payment is collected at the time the reservation is made and the confirmed reservation document is printed after confirmation of the payment.
H) If there are more than 14 days between the date of booking and the date of international travel, a “pay later” option will be offered, a pre-booking document will be presented and a reminder will be sent at a time before travel.
If payment is not made by the date given in the pre-reservation document, the reservation will be automatically canceled. For payments made until the given date, a confirmed reservation document will be sent.
There is no “PAY NOW” option for vehicle reservations. Availability is obtained from the ferry company; After you receive a confirmation e-mail, you can log in to the system and pay with your credit card.
I) In case of direct payment or later payment, reservation cancellation can be made until the given option date.
Cancellations will not be possible after this option date and refunds for cancellations will be made by FERIBOT.NET only in cases of necessity and when the passenger does not prefer the alternative date or route given.
i) Payment deadlines/option dates:
– For reservations with later payment: up to 14 days before departure
– The due date for post-payment reservations is 5 days before the departure date. (A reminder message for payment is sent to the passenger 2 days before the due date)
– Reservations not paid by the due date are automatically canceled by the system.
J) In case of cancellation/refund request of a paid reservation:
– Tickets cannot be cancelled; The date can be changed or put aside for later use. The validity dates of purchased tickets vary between companies. If you have requests such as suspension or travel date change, we kindly ask you to contact us or send an e-mail to info@feribot.net.
(+90 256 612 45 98)
K) If the passenger wants to make changes to his/her reservation, we kindly ask him/her to contact us or send an e-mail to info@feribot.net as the reservation rules of each company are different.
L) Refund will not be possible in case of not participating in the voyage called "No-Show" or in case of missing the voyage or in case of refusal to board the ferry due to non-payment of exit fee.