I wish to sail from Istanbul to Athens or a Greek island by ferry ?

Unfortunately there are no ferry lines operated from Istanbul to abroad. For this, you will have to travel (by air or coach) from Istanbul to a harbour city which has a connection ferry line with a Greek island and then a ferry from this island to Athens or the Greek island you want to visit. Another option is to fly from Istanbul to Athens (or vv) with either the Turkish Airlines or Olympic Airways. Also, if you wish to fly between two Greek islands, you may have to fly each time over Athens.

Should I book my ferry tickets in advance ?

This is indeed recommended especially in the high season (May-October)

What are the risks when I have booked a ferry ticket ?

Whether a ferry will sail or not depends on the weather conditions and the port authorities who have the sole power to let a ferry go. And sometimes by the ferry company due to technical problems or strikes. These are all considered as force majeure. Should a ferry not depart on time or be cancelled, Anker Travel will not accept any responsibility for this nor for the extra costs which may occur from this such as extra hotel overnight, air tickets, transfers…

Should I reconfirm my ferry tickets ?

Yes, it is recommended that you reconfirm your ferry tickets 24 hours before departure especially for a connection between Greek islands. In this case, should a ferry be cancelled, you will be aware of this and still have time to look for an alternative with our local representative. The telephone number where you will have to reconfirm will be mentioned on the voucher Anker Travel will deliver to you.

How long in advance should I proceed to the port for check-in ?

For international lines such as Greece-Italy, a minimum of 2 hours is recommended. Yet in July and August this may go up to 2 hours and 30 minutes.
– For the Turkey-Greece international lines and the Greek domestic lines, 1 hour is enough.
– Some companies may apply different rules. Also we recommend you carefully read the back of your actual ferry tickets where these rules are being indicated.

How do I read the ferry ticket prices ?

The prices indicated in our website are per adult and include the port taxes of the port of departure only.
If you sail from Turkey to Greece :
– For one-way and excursion tickets, the Greek port taxes do not apply.
– For open return tickets, port taxes will have to be paid to the Greek port authorities.
If you sail from Greece to Turkey :
– Harbor taxes will have to be paid upon arrival and departure in Turkey.
For Greek Island Hopping, port taxes do not apply
For Turkey-Italy and Greece-Italy, all port taxes are included in the prices or indicated separately.

Sales prices and prices on the tickets may not be the same as we are adding service fee for some ferry connections.

On which seat category are the prices based ?

For Greek Island Hopping, prices are based on the pullman – reclinable seat category
– For the Italy-Turkey and Italy-Greece connections, prices are based on a 2-berth cabin without porthole, per person.
– For the Turkey-Greece connections, there are no specific seat categories.
– For some lines, the indicated prices may only be an estimate when this line is being operated by several companies.

Do ferry companies apply children reductions ?

Yes, as per below :
– Children reductions never apply on the port taxes.
– For Turkey-Greece lines, 00-05,99 years free of charge and 06-11,99 years 50% on the ticket price
– For Greek Island Hopping, 00-03,99 years free of charge and 04-09,99 years 50% on the ticket price
– For Turkey-Italy and Greece-Italy lines, 00-03,99 years free of charge and 04-11,99 years 50% on the ticket price. In case you booked a cabin, the children of 00-3,99 years will not be entitled a berth.

How long in advance can I book my tickets ?

For all international lines, schedules and prices are available as of mid-December for the coming year.
– For the Greek domestic lines, these are being updated regularly and this will depend on the line but final schedules are generally released one month in advance.

GUIDELINES when sailing from Turkey to Greece

For Instant Bookings please click : www.feribot.net/feribot

Note that when you sail from Turkey to Greece, even for a one day excursion, you will pass border control and enter the European Union !

The guidelines below must be taken into consideration with full attention. As FERIBOT.NETl mostly does not have a eye to eye contact with its customers, we cannot check your documents on your behalf and hence kindly ask for your carefulness in this matter.

1. Passengers who entered Turkey with their ID-Card and where delivered their Turkish visa on a lose document, must show both their ID-card and this document to the border control when leaving Turkey. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to leave Turkey.

2. Passengers must display at the Turkish border the document with which they entered Turkey be it their passport or ID-card.

3. Passengers who entered Turkey with a car – and if this car is registered by the Turkish border into their passport – are not allowed to leave Turkey (even for a daily excursion) without this car.

4. Passengers who entered Turkey with a single entrance visa obtained from the Turkish Consulate in their country of residence will not be allowed to attend a daily excursion to a Greek Island unless you buy a new Turkish visa upon your return in the evening

5. Passengers whose visa deadline has expired will be charged a fine at the Turkish border. Please be prepared to this and ensure to have the necessary amount with you.

6. Passengers who have booked a transfer from their hotel in Marmaris should ensure to be waiting at the right place at the right time (10 min. earlier) indicated to them. The meeting place will in no case be the breakfast hall or the lobby of their hotel but on the main street. This meeting place and time will be clearly indicated on the voucher transmitted to you by “Feribot.net”

7. Passengers who have their children who entered Turkey with their parents and were registered in their parents’ passport may not leave Turkey without these children., even for a daily excursion.

8. Passengers who did not indicate clearly their first name (in full, not initials), family name, citizenship (as per the passport or ID-card they will use to enter Turkey) and date of birth will not be registered on the international passengers’ list and their access to the ferryboat will be refused.