Services you will need on the islands

Services you will need on the islands

Click Here for ferry tickets from Turkey to Greece.

Click here For Greece domestic tickets.

You can book your hotel on our web-site for a comfortable hotel stay suitable for budget or on-the-go accommodation.Click here. to see our hotel options.

Turkish guidance service is not provided in the islands. But if you want to take part in English guided group tours; Click here. to see the tour options you can join.

Usually; Private cars are rented on the island.  Click here to see our rental car options.

If your travel dates are flexible and you want to visit a few candidates at once. You can review. the sample programs we have created for you.

For all this, you fill in the information form on the page of the service you are interested in.

Our expert team will answer your request as soon as possible and serve you with the most suitable option.

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