Feribot.net System Usage

Feribot.net System Usage

Using Feribot.net System
Reservation output:

1- Ticket type

What is your plan for your trip is your ticket ticket; one way, day or future.

2 – Departure-Arrival port:

Wherever they are, we can go where they will not.

3 – Round trip dates:

One-way and daily tickets only open the departure date. Timely-opens.

4 – Number of passengers:

How many people, including children and infants, are spoken.

5 – Number of vehicles:

It’s a ferry ride on some lanes. From here to benefit from this service; whatever your car model is, you can choose from here.

6 – Number of indifferent articles / pet:

You can take a baby carriage, wheelchair, bicycle, etc. with you. There is no charge on these ferryboats. Only one place should be reserved for

7 – You select the flights for you by ticking the boxes on the right.

8 – After you have selected the flights, you will be directed to the pass button, passenger information screen.

9 – You can see compulsory flights in the upper part. You can reconfirm this piece.

10 – We fill in the passenger information correctly. Company, baby and child discounts are written down. It gives children or baby discounts in accordance with these children.

11 – After completing your details, you will be sent to the payment page with the resume button. We made your reservation by paying by credit card.
*** If you have reached the contact section, you can ask us to write a phone number.

12 – After completing your payment, you will be informed of your travel and payment by email. You can also print the travel document.

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